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Why Foster?

♥ Fostering Saves Lives ♥

Whether you volunteer to care for a litter of orphaned kittens or give a special needs cat a safe, loving home to recover in, you are making a difference in the life of an animal in need. Fostering is rewarding, easier on the animals, and helps them get adopted.


Young kittens need far more care than most shelters are able to give, and adult cats are much happier in a home with humans than in a metal kennel.

Here at LTBL, we provide all the training, food, supplies, veterinary care and support — while YOU provide a safe and loving home temporarily.

If you are unable to adopt or foster, but still want to help, check out how to DONATE! We are always in need of items from our Walmart and Amazon Wishlist, and will happily accept PayPal donations as well!

What Are the Requirements to Foster?

♥ You must be 18 years or older in order to foster with LTBL.

♥ Must have a valid driver’s license

♥ You must have reliable transportation for bringing your foster animal(s) to regular appointments and to the vet in case of emergency.

Is There a Time Commitment?

♥ Some cats may need a foster home for two weeks, and others may need one for two months!

♥ Our foster team will match you with one or multiple animals that will fit your lifestyle and needs.

I Have Pets. Can I Still Foster??

♥ Of course! However, depending on the type & number of pets, we may ask that you keep them separated from your foster animals.

♥ This is especially true for unvaccinated or special needs animals. So please make sure you have the space and ability to keep your pets and fosters separate in case the need arises!

Can I Adopt My Foster Animal?

♥ Most definitely!

♥ We call these ‘foster fails’, as this tends to happen from time to time. These babies just worm into our hearts.

♥ If you fall in love, you’ll have the first chance to adopt.

♥ We also encourage our foster parents to find potential adopters — so let our team know if you’ve a friend, family member, or acquaintance who’s interested!

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