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A lady found Hope and took her to the vet. The vet said her intestine moved out of place and she needed emergency surgery since she hadn't been able to poop for 3 days. We didn't want the kitten to suffer so we are helping with the surgery .Once she is healthy we will find a forever home. 

Update: Hope had her surgery, but they said she also has a hernia and needs mesh to hold everything in. This vet did not have what was needed, so they did a temporary fix. Another vet has what Hope needs and we will be scheduling her to have a 2nd surgery to correct her hernia. 

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Terrified Cat Left On Door Step With A Note That Said "Help Me, I've Been Tortured"

Emily was first found in a box, abandoned at the front door of a vet's office in California. She was left with a note that painted a grim picture of her past. It read: "HELP ME, I'VE BEEN TORTURED AND ABUSED. PLEASE HELP ME. DON'T KILL ME. I'M SWEET,... 

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Special Needs Successes


Below are some of the many, many cats and kittens we’ve saved who have had medical issues, special needs, or would’ve been given up on by other people! Click on their photos to see a brief description of their medical history, recovery, and outcome! ♥

Snowball - adopted by one of our fabulous fosters!



Jimmy lost an eye due to a horrid upper respiratory infection. He lost an eye, but you wouldn't even know it by the way he acts! He was adopted in 2018!



Midas lost an ear due to an injury. Adopted in 2020!



At around eight weeks old, Olivia was found as a stray, with a severe injury to her pelvis that required her leg to be amputated. After her surgery and a little extra TLC, she adapted quickly. With how easily she gets around, you wouldn’t even notice at first glance that her leg is even missing. Even after all of the obstacles she has overcome, she still has the biggest heart and loves to snuggle and give affection. Olivia has an adopter waiting to take her home. Adopted in 2023!

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Joey came to us blind and with a broken leg. It was casted and healed well! Adopted in 2019!

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